About IES5

About IES5

IES5 is among the leading institutes preparing the students for the top engineering competitive examinations like GATE, ESE, and PSUs. Started with the vision to create outstanding career opportunities for the students pursuing engineering from one of the most sought after stream- Mechanical Engineering. IES5 is constantly polishing the young minds with exceptional teaching methodologies and learning approach. Having the best pool of faculty who are intended to provide quality education and learning experience.
Taking huge success as a positive challenge, IES5 is improvising its techniques of learning to yield best outcomes favorable for both students and institutions.


IES5 is working on the strong grounds to emerge as the best GATE, ESE, and PSUs institute for the Mechanical Engineering across the country. The goal is to facilitate the students with the world-class education and produce top rankers and performers.


IES5 with a clear vision for a continuous and successful growth intend to allow each students seeking quality education to master the field. Our visionary perspective can be summed up in following four points.

  • To provide high-quality preparatory tools and teachings to the GATE aspirants
  • To expand the institute in major areas and make learning accessible to everyone
  • To get evolved as the best, cost-effective learning center among the students.
  • To emerge as a one-stop destination for the GATE, ESE, and PSUs students.